©2015 by Ingrid Stölzel

Between the Lines (2003)

for Flute, Cello and Piano

Duration: 8 min

Commission: newEar contemporary chamber ensemble

Premiere: newEar contemporary chamber ensemble-January 23, 2004; Lawrence, KS

Program Note: To read between the lines means to read what is implied but not expressed on the surface -  to detect the deeper or, sometimes, actual meaning as distinguished from the apparent meaning of what lies in front of us.  We are asked to interpret the information and pay attention to what is implied. We do this through experience and often a good dose of imagination, drawing conclusions based not only what is written on the page, but also upon that

which is unwritten or unspoken.  Interpretation is part of the music making process. Not only do musicians decipher markings by the composer, the listeners, too, interpret the results. The ebb and flow of the individual lines, the tension and release, the rise and fall of chord progressions, the transitions from one part to the next, all are part of the whole, which becomes greater than

the sum of its parts.  What happens beyond the written page is much more mysterious and what happens "Between the Lines" is, well, still up for interpretation.