©2015 by Ingrid Stölzel

Hindsight (2002)

for Piano Trio

Duration: 5:30 min

Premiere: Ernest Bloch Symposium Chamber Ensemble-July 25, 2002; Newport, OR

Program Note: The beautiful thing about hindsight is that it opens a door into the past with new clarity, allowing hopefully a new door to open into the future. Often the term hindsight carries a negative connotation – ‘if only I knew before’. But the real beauty is found in the surprise, the moment of insight that clearly shows the path ahead. Musically, I looked back at pieces that preceded this one; personally, I looked back at friendships and relationships. Do I wish that I knew it all earlier? Are there things that I wish I could do over? Yes, but the beauty comes in the acceptance that only in moving forward do we experience the joy of looking back. “Hindsight” is dedicated to my supportive circle of friends who often saw what I couldn’t and still allowed me to move forward, knowing that some day I would be able and willing to look back.