©2015 by Ingrid Stölzel

The Point of Pressure (1997)

for String Trio

Duration: 5:30 min

Commission: Adaskin String Trio

Premiere: Adaskin String Trio - October 24, 1997; Hartford, CT

published by ARSIS Press (Washington, D.C.)


Program Note: The word pressure is a word which can describe both a physical sensation and a state of mind. Dual meanings are at the heart of this piece. The pressure of the act of composing, the pressure of the fingers upon the strings. The pressure of the performers to play the music well, the pressure of the sound upon the eardrum. The pressure of the very act of being conscious, the pressure of the blood. Using persistent rhythms and repetitions, the composition begs both questions - what is the point when the pressure is first perceived by the brain and what is the point when it becomes unbearable to the body.