©2017 by Ingrid Stölzel

The Shelter (2016)

for Soprano, Cello and Piano

Text: Emily Dickinson

Duration: 5 min     

Vocal Range:

Commission: 2017 Vox Feminae Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

Premiere: Rona Israel-Kolatt, Soprano, Yotam Baruch, Cello and Tali Morgulis, Piano. April 27, 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel


The Shelter

The body grows outside, —
The more convenient way, —
That if the spirit like to hide,
Its temple stands alway

Ajar, secure, inviting;
It never did betray
The soul that asked its shelter
In timid honesty.

Source: Dickinson, E. (1896). The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Series Two. Boston, MA: Roberts Brothers.

Program Note: The Shelter (2016) for Soprano, Cello and Piano was written for the 2017 Vox Feminae Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel. The music for the festival was themed around the idea of shelter and its multitude of interpretations. For me, Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Shelter” is a beautiful and powerful interpretation of our body as a shelter for spirit and soul.