©2015 by Ingrid Stölzel

with both eyes (2008)

for Flute, Guitar, Vibraphone and Piano

Duration: 9 min

Commission: NOISE/San Diego New Music

Premiere: NOISE/San Diego New Music soundOn 2008 Festival of Modern Music-June 21, 2008; La Jolla, CA

Program Note: with both eyes (2008) started with the idea of wanting to write a piece that would create a unified whole from multiple perspectives on the same musical materials. As in life, so in music, the only way to gain multiple perspectives on anyidea or issue, and to truly begin to know the depth of these ideas, is to open oneself completely to the idea of possibility. The painter David Hockney wrote, “Cézanne starts to look at the cup before him with both eyes, opening one and then the other, and painting his doubts.” Only through a synthesis of these multiple perspectives did Cézanne see the truth, his truth, in the cup he was painting. With both eyes then is the only way to really see things one has not seen before, and thus in the process gaining a perspective that is only possible by embracing and indeed celebrating the very possibilities inherent in the material itself. with both eyes was commissioned by NOISE and San Diego New Music and premiered at the soundON 2008 Festival of Modern Music, June 21, 2008 in La Jolla, California.